OCNZ Newsletter: August 2018

OCNZ Newsletter
The OCNZ would like this newsletter to reach as many orchid people as possible. It would be much appreciated if all Society Secretaries could forward the newsletter to their members who are on email or ask them to contact me on my email address at the top this page if they would like to be added to the email group.

NZOS 70th Anniversary
We congratulate the New Zealand Orchid Society on reaching its 70th Anniversary which the Society celebrated at their recent winter show. This was a one-day show with a nice range of orchids on display. In keeping with the show theme a photograph taken at the first NZOS show and the registration application for the first NZ raised and hybridised orchid by NZOS foundation member Burt Blumhardt (Lee Neale’s father) were placed among the orchids in the Waitakere Orchid Club display.

International Orchid Shows and MPI Update
Recently some of the orchid fraternity travelled abroad to visit shows in Australia and Hilo (Hawaii). Margaret Lomas commented that there were some nice and unusual plants in Australia but felt that NZ puts on better shows. Roy and Lee Neale had some “interesting” experiences in Hilo but that’s a story of another time. What I can report is that Roy and Lee successfully imported five flasks of Dendrobium and five flasks of Cattleya seedlings.

Lee followed the advice given to us last year at the MPI open day by sending the list of flasks and their flight details to MPI ahead of time. MPI were quite welcoming, “we were expecting you”, had already checked the list and could advise immediately if there were going to be any issues. That bit worked well. However, at Auckland the next part of the process has changed; there is no longer the opportunity to have flasks inspected and picked up as you leave the plane. You have to leave your flasks and collect them later from the MPI offices in Maurice Wilson Avenue which is near the airport. Flasks will need to be couriered to out of towners. There is no requirement for a broker if you bring the flasks in yourself and no limit to the number of flasks that could be brought in.

OCNZ Raffle
There will be no OCNZ raffle this year. A number of Orchid Societies notified OCNZ that they no longer wish to sell raffle tickets. Without the participation of all societies it is not viable to run a raffle.

Vale Cliff Coles
In early July we were saddened to hear that Cliff Coles of Taranaki had passed away. Cliff became an accredited OCNZ judge in 1980 and served on the OCNZ Executive committee from 2003 to 2008. We send our condolences to Ruth and the family.

2019 National Orchid Expo
September 19-22 To be hosted by Manawatu and Hawkes Bay societies at FlyPalmy Arena 19-22 September, 2019. It is not too early to start planning your participation! Organisers will soon be seeking societies’ interest in mounting displays and sponsoring prizes. Further information will be made available in the Expo Newsletters. The organising committee can be contacted on OrchidExpo@xtra.co.nzlenys

Glenys MacRae, newsletter editor