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About OCNZ

The Orchid Council of New Zealand is a federation of independent, autonomous, orchid societies throughout New Zealand.  It is a registered incorporated society, and it is also a registered charity.

The principal objects of OCNZ include:

  • promoting and encouraging the study, cultivation and conservation of orchids,
  • giving information and education about orchid culture;
  • advancing the development of orchid growing as a recreational activity for young and old alike;
  • maintaining procedures and standards for judging and awarding superior forms of orchid species and hybrids and superior culture of orchid plants;
  • promoting national and international orchid conferences and exhibitions;
  • promoting the conservation of New Zealand native orchids;
  • acting as a Heritage Protection Authority in respect of the Iwitahi native orchid reserve.
Patron: Wes Ross-Taylor
Executive (from 03/06/2018):
President: Margaret Lomas (Whangarei)
Immediate Past President: Ruth Coles (Taranaki)
Vice-President: Glenys MacRae (Waitakere)
Secretary: Jeanette Hewer (Waikato)
Treasurer: Chris Hubbert (North Shore)
Committee: Joy Hopson (Taranaki)
Bill Liddy (Hawkes Bay)
Gillian Lyster (Nelson)
Allan Rae (Manawatu)
Keith Smart (Waikato)
Postal Address: 3338 Ohaupo Road
R D 2 Hamilton 3282
[E: secretary@orchidcouncil.org.nz]
Webmaster: webmaster@orchidcouncil.org.nz
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