From September 13, 2022 New Zealand has only two Covid-19 requirements should you test positive: Isolate for 7 days; wear a mask when visiting health facilities, including aged care. See the official website for information. 

About OCNZ
The Orchid Council of New Zealand is a federation of independent, autonomous, orchid societies throughout New Zealand.  It is a registered incorporated society, and it is also a registered charity. The principal objectives of OCNZ include:

  • Promoting and encouraging the study, cultivation and conservation of orchids
  • Giving information and education about orchid culture
  • Advancing the development of orchid growing as a recreational activity for young and old
  • Maintaining procedures and standards for judging and awarding superior forms of orchid species and hybrids and superior culture of orchid plants
  • Promoting national and international orchid conferences and exhibitions
  • Promoting the conservation of New Zealand native orchids
  • Acting as a Heritage Protection Authority in respect of the Iwitahi native orchid reserve.

Certain OCNZ annual reports are available under the NEWS tab above.

For newcomers, a general outline of growing orchids in New Zealand may be found here. It is highly recommended that newcomers join an orchid society or club for support and guidance, as well as for access to a wide range of plants. A list of societies affiliated to OCNZ may be found here. More detailed information about growing orchids may be found under the Cultural Notes tab above.

Incorporated Societies Act Review: What you need to know

If your orchid society is an incorporated society you are probably already aware that the Incorporated Societies Act 1908 has been under review. The new legislation will require Incorporated Societies to review and revise their constitution and to re-register. Societies do not need to do anything just yet, but there are things you could do now so you are better prepared when it is time to re-register.  The NZ Companies Office has a helpful Constitution Builder tool to help you get started. 

OCNZ acknowledges with thanks the 2022 grant from Pub Charity to support the printing of the Yearbook Orchids 2022. This grant would not have been possible without venues throughout the country partnering with Pub Charity to operate the gaming machines that generate funds for such grants.