Grant for Yearbook 2018
On 24 April 2018 PUB CHARITY advised that OCNZ’s application for a grant to assist with Yearbook 2018 had been successful.
A grant of $5,000 was approved for that purpose.
Council acknowledges with pleasure and grateful thanks this support from Pub Charity.

Late in 2017 Grahame Leafberg received a Certificate of Cultural Excellence for Gomesa echinata ‘Studfall’. With that award, he became the first person to have achieved all of the Awards currently available from OCNZ. In recognition of this remarkable feat, Council issued a special Certificate of Meritorious Achievement which was presented to Grahame at the Waitakere Orchid Club’s monthly meeting at the beginning of April 2018. Congratulations, Grahame!



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OCNZ has great pleasure in announcing the following honours in respect of orchids judged and awarded in NZ in 2017:

Orchid of the Year 
      Paphiopedilum Onyx ‘Anya’ AM/OCNZ     Owners: Lex & Julie Sharp

Species Orchid of the Year and also Special Merit Award
      Brassia verrucosa var. majus ‘Awapuni’ AM/OCNZ     Owner: Graham Jackson

Cymbidium of the Year
    Cymbidium Anne Thomas ‘Orange Glow’ AM/OCNZ     Owner: Alan Napper

Cultural Award of the Year
      Gomesa echinata ‘Studfall’ CCE/OCNZ     Owner: Grahame Leafberg

Warmest congratulations to the exhibitors of those orchids.



The following OCNZ publications are available. Please contact the Secretary, or
     3338 Ohaupo Road, R D 2 Hamilton 3282

  • The latest annual Yearbook [Orchids 2017].  Copies of earlier yearbooks may be available, please enquire.
  • Orchid cultural handbook
  • Pests and sprays handbook

The Yearbooks are $10 per copy, plus postage and packing.

The handbooks are $20 for 10 copies (minimum order), plus postage and packing.



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