October 2019: Expo wrap and main results; Iwitahi Working Bee.

Expo 2019: Newsletter 7 (September 2019, final newsletter, includes 2 maps)

September 2019: Orchid Expo; Vale Norm Porter; Iwitahi working bee

August 2019: Hibiscus Coast 35th anniversary; Change of dates for 2021 Taranaki show.

Expo 2019: Newsletter 6 (July 2019)

July 2019: Corrections to Yearbook; Farewell Otago Orchid Society; Vale Grahame Leafburg.

Expo 2019: Newsletter 5 (June 2019)

June 2019: Orchid Expo Clubs’ Trading Table details; WOC registration; National Expo registration.

May 2019: International orchid shows.

April 2019: OCNZ Handbooks for sale.

Expo 2019: Newsletter 4 (March 2019)

March 2019: OCNZ 2018 Orchids of the Year.

February 2019Miltoniopsis bred by Ewan Perrott wanted; Clive Perry memorial service in Taranaki.

December 2018: Vale Clive Perry; Taranaki Orchid Show (Jan 2019).

Expo 2019: Newsletter 3 (November 2018)

November 2018: John Easton Award 2018; Vale John Brljevich

October 2018: 2019 Expo update; Iwitahi camp dates; Vale Assid Corban.

September 2018: Upcoming Judges Seminar; understanding Plant Biosecurity Index rules; Vale Jeanette Austin & Ken Miller.

August 2018: NZOS celebrates 70 years; flask importation working smoothly.

July 2018: Welcome to new patron Wes Ross-Taylor; Miltonopsis newsletter.

June 2018: Whangarei seminar review; OCNZ AGM.

Expo2019: Newsletter 2 (May 2018)

May 2018: Whangarei seminar & show preview; Yearbooks.

April 2018: Publications for sale; award photography tips; farewell South Canterbury.

March 2018: Orchid of the Year awards; MPI Plant Health & Environmental Laboratory visit.

February 2018: National Expo (2019); pre-1990 Cattleya catalogues needed; MPI update.