OCNZ newsletter: March 2018

February’s weather was very challenging in most parts of the country. I hope those of you who were hit the hardest by the aftermath of Cyclone Gita are getting back to normality and that your orchids have survived the extremes in weather.

Awards of the Year 2017
The COA (Committee on Awards) is pleased to announce the winners of the various categories of the Orchid of the Year. Congratulations to all of the winners. You will be able to see the photographs and descriptions in the 2018 Orchid Yearbook. 

Cymbidium: Cym. Anne Thomas ‘Orange Glow’, grower Alan Napper

Species: Brassia verrucosa v majus ‘Awapuni’, grower Graham Jackson

Special Merit Award: Brs, verrucosa v majus ‘Awapuni’, grower Graham Jackson

Cultural: Gomesa echinata ‘Studfall’, grower Grahame Leafberg

Orchid of the Year: Paphiopedilum Onyx ‘Anya’, growers L & J Sharp

MPI Project

I was pleased with the response I got from the February Newsletter. Thank you to those who have provided orchid catalogues and other relevant information. Geraldine Wood has been busy compiling a list of species from her archives and Clive Perry has scanned all of Orchids in NZ. This is a very good start to our project. If you come across any useful information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Plant Health & Environmental Laboratory (PHEL)
Five OCNZ representatives were taken on a tour through PHEL in Auckland on February 27 to learn more about MPI’s role in biosecurity. This was a fantastic networking opportunity for OCNZ where we picked up some useful information and contacts. We were shown the quarantine glasshouses hearing about how these are managed, given an overview of surveillance and incursion investigation work, and a tour of the virology, entomology and mycology laboratories. We especially enjoyed seeing examples of plant material people had tried to smuggle into New Zealand and hearing the stories behind the smuggling attempts. Looking through the entomology library of preserved insects and pests proved to be very popular, some people could have stayed in there all day. We thank Brian Quinn from MPI for organising this tour.

Glenys MacRae