OCNZ Newsletter: June 2019

I’m short of news this month so apologies in advance for giving you a list of reminders.

The first is to all Orchid Societies – if you have any news that you would like to share with us via this newsletter please do send it through to me for inclusion. Items of news such as anniversaries and special events are always of interest.

Show Registrations
23rd World Orchid Conference, Taichung, Taiwan, March 2020: Early bird registration before June 30, 2019. Standard registration before February 23, 2020. More details from the website.

2019 National Orchid Expo, Palmerston North, September 19-22: Late registration open to July 31. More details from the website. There are just under four months to go to the big day. If you have any questions, email the organising committee

Reminder to OCNZ Judges
If you judge at the Expo and attend the judges’ meeting, this meets the requirements of a National Seminar. If you haven’t yet registered to judge there is still time. Please do make the effort to come along we’d like to see as many judges as possible

Clubs’ Trading Table: National Orchid Expo
A reminder that Bryan Sharpe from the Waitakere Orchid Club will be running the Clubs’ Trading Table at the Expo. This is a service for the smaller growers who have a few good-quality plants  they would like to sell. For more information see below.   

Iwitahi Native Orchid Reserve: Annual Camp December 7-8, 2019
If you are planning to lend a hand at the annual working weekend please put these dates in your diary. Arrive at Sika Lodge on December 6th. All food and accommodation at cost.

Orchid Digest: April, May, June 2019
The latest Orchid Digest contains an article called “Orchids in Extreme Environments”. This is an interesting read for those with access to this magazine. There is a section in the article that talks about orchids that have snakes for bodyguards and refers to Lycaste bradeorum which a lot of us grow. I thought I had extreme conditions but mine are mere child’s play in comparison with this. “Lycaste bradeorum colonised the crumbling walls of Mayan ruins in Guatemala. Members of orchid expeditions got an unpleasant surprise when they tried to pull the lycastes from the trees and rocks as these spiny plants are favourite hiding places of pit vipers!” Thank goodness I only have brown skinks at my place. 

Glenys MacRae

Clubs’ Trading Table: National Orchid Expo
The Trading Table is going to be run along the same lines as most Club Trading Tables. We will need orchid plants and orchid-related merchandise, bearing in mind:

  • All items will need an Expo sales tag attached, clearly showing the required details of price, etc (use your initials for the code).
  • All items must be listed on an Expo sellers sales list.
  • Tags and sales lists will be sent to clubs towards the end of July. Please let me know how many your club requires.
  • Commission on sales will be 20%.
  • Plants can to be left at the Trading Table on Wednesday, September 18 from 10am. Unsold plants to be picked up on Sunday, September 22 after 4pm.

Bryan Sharpe