OCNZ Newsletter: August 2020

Greetings all, I’m pleased to report that I’ve been visiting orchid shows these last couple of weekends. I judged at the Waikato Winter Show on July 26, the first time I’d been out of Auckland since March and the first time I’d driven on the completed Waikato Expressway which now bypasses Huntly. What a pleasant drive making the trip to Hamilton Gardens very easy. And August 1 was award judging at the NZOS Winter Show.

Both shows were well supported by the public, with some very nice orchids on display and very good sales reported by the traders. If this trend continues we can expect to see busy Spring Shows, which will be great.

Waikato 60th Anniversary Show
The Waikato Orchid Society will celebrate its 60th anniversary on September 5 and 6 in the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion. The show will be set up and judged on Saturday morning followed by a luncheon and guest speaker, with a prize giving in the afternoon. The show will be open to the public on Sunday. You must register for the Saturday events and registration must be paid by August 20. The registration form and other information is here: Waikato 60th Jubilee Registration

South Island Judging Seminar
Nelson will be hosting the South Island Judging Seminar over Labour Weekend, October 24 and 25. Guest speaker is Selwyn Hatrick who has been advertised as “Paphiopedilum Grower and Clay Pot Extraordinaire”. There could be plants and pots for sale. The tentative programme and registration form are here: South Island Judging Seminar 2020

Message from Chris Hubbert
OCNZ records its thanks to Alex and Marianna of Orchidwiz for hosting their recent Zoom meeting for NZ participants. An interesting meeting. Alex took us into areas that many of us have not previously gone into. He started with what you can find under the List tab, for example most hybridised (no surprise there, Paph Winston Churchill!), and when you click on the photo it is worth exploring the different little coloured buttons to the right of the photo, in the middle. Cousins is a very useful one. Some of these avenues could prove to be very useful for a hybridiser, and might give some insight into what potentially a proposed cross could produce.

Taking Stock: Resolving NZ’s Cultivated Plants Problem
Last month I told you about this project being led by Murray Dawson. I attended a meeting by Zoom this week and listening to the comments made by other interested parties I can assure you that orchid growers are not alone in the difficulties faced when importing nursery stock. It appears that the HSNO Act was not well thought through or written which has made it very difficult to make changes. It also appears that there were some questionable decisions made on what did and didn’t make it on the Plant Biosecurity Index (PBI). Regarding the Proof of Presence exercise, I have found out that proof of presence is required both pre- and post-HSNO. If you have any orchid catalogues from 1998 and beyond I would love to borrow them. Please let me know if you can help, click on my signature below for my email address.

Glenys MacRae