The OCNZ system of orchid judging is designed to recognise new or superior forms of orchid species and hybrids, leading to improvement in the shape and the colour of the flowers in all orchid genera.  The system also gives recognition to the growers of plants showing superior culture. The following awards are available in the OCNZ judging system:

Quality awards:
First Class Certificate FCC/OCNZ, 90 or more points
Award of Merit AM/OCNZ, 80 or more points
Highly Commended Certificate HCC/OCNZ, 75 or more points

Cultural awards:
Certificate of Cultural Excellence CCE/OCNZ, 90 or more points
Certificate of Cultural Commendation CCC/OCNZ, 80 or more points

Other awards:
Award of Distinction AD/OCNZ
Certificate of Botanical Merit CBM/OCNZ
Plant Breeder’s Award PBA/OCNZ


The OCNZ judging system is administered by the Committee on Awards.  The country is divided into 3 Regions (Northern, Central, and Southern), and in each region there are 4 local judging panels.

Committee on Awards (from 30/01/2021)
Chris Hubbert  (chair)
Margaret Lomas
Joy Hopson
Graham Jackson
Gill Lyster
Glenys MacRae
Bryan Sutherland

Northern Region
Regional chair: Glenys MacRae
Chairs of local judging panels:
Northland: Adelaida Booth and Thomas Brown
Auckland: Glenys MacRae
Waikato: Maurice Bycroft
Bay of Plenty:  Pam Signal

Central Region
Regional chair: Graham Jackson
Chairs of local judging panels:
Hawke’s Bay: Judy Dewar
Taranaki: Murray Dean
Manawatu: Allan Rae
Wellington: David McConachie

Southern Region
Regional chair: Gill Lyster
Chairs of local judging panels:
Blenheim: Rosemary Clark
Nelson: Peter Fisher
Christchurch: Ross Bicknell
Dunedin: [no judging panel at present]


“Red Book” Principles of Award Judging, and Judging By-Laws
 JudgesHbook 2017 edition ‘Red Book’  (pdf file)

“Blue Book” Resource Manual (supplement to the Red Book) 
Resource Manual v2 2014 ‘Blue Book’  (pdf file)
Form 4:    Award Application form   (2021 edition)