Yearbook Report 2021

I signed off the yearbook for printing on 6 May 2021. Distribution will be the same as last year, with each club’s books being couriered to the provided contact person. Please contact me by email if you haven’t received these by mid-June.

As expected Covid-19 and associated lockdowns have impacted on the number of awards given during 2020, and of course being an ‘off year’ for the national expo, we do not have articles from visiting speakers – in the 2020 Yearbook these filled around 30 pages. So I contacted   various people inviting them to write an article for the Yearbook, and all responded by putting pen to paper, and in some cases wrote two articles. In the end, we have managed to fill 82 pages, compared with 96 last year. My sincere thanks to all contributors for their great efforts. The book also includes the 2020 awards and photos from OCNZ, NZOS and CSNZ. I offer my sincere thanks to Glenys MacRae, Margaret Lomas and Chris Hubbert for the painstaking work of putting these together, not to mention checking them.

All those growers who have received special wards during 2020 and to be congratulated. These are prominently displayed in the Yearbook and it is appropriate to acknowledge the top awards in this way.

Thanks are due to Keith Smart for his efforts in chasing up our advertisers: their continuing support is appreciated. We had some who chose not to continue this year, so may I please ask you to check out their products and give them your support. They may not continue to advertise if they believe it does nothing for their sales.

The cost of printing and binding the Yearbook is around $10,000, so we extend our appreciation to those who have contributed towards this cost. Thanks are due to Glenys MacRae for submitting a grant application Pub Charity, which resulted in a grant of $5,000 as our major sponsor. Donations or support in kind were also received from Waitakere Orchid Club, the Orchid Foundation Trust Board and OrchidWiz.

The society information and show dates have been updated by request to individual societies. I would like to thank Chris Hubbert for taking on this considerable task and following up the slower responders. Please note any additions or alterations you may require, let the secretary know and for anything that requires correcting, please let us know well before the next yearbook is finalised.

The biggest thanks sometimes get left to last, which is the case here. That the assembly of the Yearbook, from the start to sending off the final proof copy, was achieved relatively smoothly was due to the considerable experience of our past Editor, Joy Hopson. Her knowledge of the procedures that have worked in the past, and how things are best done, not to mention her general expertise, were invaluable to me.

I trust you will enjoy the 2021 Yearbook.

Allan Rae, Editorial Committee