Iwitahi Report 2021

The signs have been replaced – the previous ones were chainsawed off and disappeared without trace – and now display the correct information. I have thanked Cheryl Hindle, of Timberlands, but I feel a more formal letter of thanks should be sent to Timberlands and the landowners.

Georgia’s report is good, and will be a good document to help us to make a long-term plan for Iwitahi. It might be a good idea that we ask for those that are interested and have skills to help in formulating our long-term plan. (Friends of Iwitahi?) I have asked Georgia if I could use her photos for publicising Iwitahi, she has given permission to use any of the photos for our use. I am hoping to get made a poster of the flower monologue to show the great number of flowers that can be found at Iwitahi.

Keith Smart