Committee on Awards Report 2021

A very strange year for Orchid Judging but we did manage 63 awards.

Most shows and many meetings were cancelled through the year including the National Seminar and some Regional Seminars. We have lost a couple of judges and in some areas the Judges are a bit thin on the ground. The never ending question, how do we attract new members?

There have been some bad errors on some award forms; at least two had the wrong parentage which means to me that the groups are not using OrchidWiz to check. One form had the three species contained in the plant as the parentage. Measurements on some have been questionable with some areas also not recording the ones they are supposed to. All areas need a refresher on what is required, perhaps this could be part of the next National Seminar?

However this year did produce an FCC and a couple of CCEs.

This is my last year as Chair COA, and the first for Chris Hubbert. I wish him all the best and I’m sure you will all support him.

Margaret Lomas

Newly appointed earlier this year as Chair of COA, in succession to Margaret who decided to step down after some 17 years in the position, to whom our immense thanks are due for her tireless work, I take this job with some trepidation.  It will be my concern to maintain and try to enhance our judging system, and to keep our judges “up to the mark”.  It won’t be easy; I do look to all judges and their societies to give their full support.  In the period up to this AGM there have been 9 awards ratified;  details of these can now be seen on the council website.

Chris Hubbert