OCNZ newsletter: March 2022

President’s Message
OCNZ has refreshed its logo, we do hope you like it. There were two reasons for this, we needed to address the plant name, changing Winika cunninghamii to the accepted name of Dendrobium cunninghamii. The committee didn’t want to lose Winika, which is why you still see it in brackets after Dendrobium. The second reason is that the Committee on Awards will soon need a  new stock of award certificates so it was a good opportunity to review the whole logo. When we looked at our logo we found that we had four different versions in use so a refresh was timely. The flower used in the logo came from George Fuller’s 40-year-old plant which received a CCE in 2013. The green symbolises the leaves. You will find details about this magnificent plant on page 80 of the 2014 Yearbook. The green oval was favoured for the letterhead and the newsletter header, while a white version was developed for use on the website and on award certificates.

Subscribers will have received the unwelcome news that after 17 years and thousands of hours’ effort, Orchidwiz is to close at the end of this year, 2022. At this stage there are no plans for anyone else to pick up and take over the program, but if that changes they will be sure to let the Orchidwiz community know. In this regard, we can only wait and see. Existing maintenance subscriptions will include the next full annual release X9.0 due in September, and the quarterly update X9.1 due in December will be the last. OCNZ award data from 2021 will be sent for inclusion in X9.0. In the meantime, we will look at expanding the information to be progressively added to the OCNZ website.

National Judges’ Symposium & OCNZ AGM – Hawke’s Bay 2022
Please find below links for the Registration Form and Invitation. The cost of the Symposium has been maintained and once again the host club is able to offer a special Early Bird registration for registrations made before May 1. The deadline for receiving AGM remits and nominations for the Executive Committee is April 10.

Vale – Audrey Hewson (died March 3, 2022)
Tauranga Orchid Society has lost an active member with the death of Audrey Hewson. Audrey joined the club in 1984, just 3 years after it had formed, and was awarded a Life Membership in 2003. From about 1996 Audrey and other club members developed the orchid plantings at Te Puna Quarry Park, in 2000 considered to be the largest outdoor planting of Cymbidiums in the Southern Hemisphere.

Vale – Beryl Goodger (died March 24, 2022)
Former long-time member of Tauranga Orchid Society, Beryl Goodger has died aged 95. Beryl and her late husband Bob were foundation members of the society in 1981, having first joined the BOP Orchid Society in 1978. The Goodgers had a special love of the Coelogyne alliance and native orchids. Bob, who died in 2003, and Beryl were also enthusiastic members of the New Zealand Native Orchid Society and helped propagate and translocate native orchids to the Iwitahi Reserve, near Taupo.

2022 National Orchid Symposium – Registration Form
2022 National Orchid Syposium – Invitation